Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s Top Ten Outfits of the 2014-15 Season

It was an atrocious season for the New York Knicks, but legendary broadcaster Walt “Clyde” Frazier was at the top of his game. The New York City fashion icon dazzled Knicks fans with his flamboyant formal wear.

Honorable Mention:

One of several pink entries


Clyde sporting an Asian Fusion look


Frazier looked stylish in this pink and green ensemble


Shining bright in orange and red


And now the countdown…

10. 70s-style Plaid Wool

9. Psychedelic Blue and Orange
untitled (2)

8. Dreamy Pink and Purple Waves

7. Groovy Purple Coat (Notice the personalized belt buckle)

6. Agent Orange

5. Silver and Black Polka Dot

4. The Zebra Suit

3. Trippy Jacket

2. Salmon Delight

1. And Clyde’s No. 1 look of the season…the “Bloody Cow”
untitled (3)

Cldye’s 70th birthday bash at the Garden

Clyde is presented with a cake based on his famous cow suit.


The Knicks gave Clyde an all expenses paid sailing trip for his birthday.


Clyde’s former teammates Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Phil Jackson and Dick Barnett were in attendance for the festivities.


Jackson looks on as the “Rolls Royce Backcourt” is reunited.


Clyde’s partner Mike Breen gets in on the action with a little stylin’ and profilin’ of his own.


All-Star Weekend

T.I. showed up for the release of the Puma Clyde Gold.


Clyde with the Puma Clyde Golds


The always cool Clyde remained unflappable while his fellow Dunk Contest judges lost their mines over Zach Lavine.


Bonus Shots: Old School Clyde




clyde frazier-1

untitled (4)

Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s Top 10 Looks of the Season

It was a disheartening season for the Knicks and their fans, though Walt “Clyde” Frazier did not disappoint. From his dazzling wardrobe, to his splendid rhymes, the Knicks legend gave New Yorkers reason to continue to tune into MSG Network.


Honorable Mention


In his day, Clyde could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”



Clyde has never been afraid to show off his feminine side with a little pink.



Not many people could pull of this purple ensemble.



Clyde looking dapper in a cream coat and brown polka dot tie with a matching pocket square.



Now for the countdown…


10) The Knicks season was already over, but Clyde still brought it with this searsucker suit and pink tie against the Chicago Bulls on April 13.



9) Sometimes one pocket square is just not enough.

20131119_183553 (1)


8) Plaid never went out of style for Clyde.



7) Clyde pulled out an old favorite for the Knicks March 3, matchup with the Pistons.

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6) Frazier changed it up a bit with this pink and lime green combination.



5) Is there a color that this charismatic commentator cannot pull off?



4) Clyde puts the color in color commentator.

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3) Clyde showed off a new addition to his classic leopard outfit; a matching tie.



2) Frazier represented his beloved Knicks with this orange and blue plaid jacket.



1) Frazier’s top look of the season was this lovely orange ensemble. Notice how the boots match the vest and the studded briefcase.





Rookie roommates Clyde Frazier and Phil Jackson were recently reunited  with the Knicks organization.




And now



With Dick Barnett



Clyde and Kate Upton



Clyde hosting MSG Network’s New York Knicks Christmas special.



Metta World Peace did what any of us who grew up as Knicks fans would do upon signing with the team; he hugged Clyde.



Top 10 “Clydeisms” of the Season

Statistical breakdown provided by Chi Nwogu of Bloomberg Sports



Sound Bites

John Schumann of NBA.com presented some great soundbites on this “best of Clyde” segment.


Clyde’s quote of the season:

Mike Breen was talking about former Los Angeles Laker forward A.C. Green’s iron man streak during the Knicks’ March 23, loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers when Clyde chimed in:

“But A.C. didn’t believe in fornicating, Mike.”

Breen’s reaction was equally entertaining. The Knicks play-by-play man exclaimed, “Goodness gracious Clyde!”


Best quote about Clyde:


Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Russell Westbrook: Fashion Icons





Going around Wilt


Stylin’ and Profilin’


Staring down the Captain


Cruising Clyde


Clyde’s Top Five Looks of the Season

New York legend and fashion icon Walt “Clyde” Frazier continued to bring new meaning to the term “color man” this season with his impeccable style.

5. A Floral Ensemble

Clyde went with a Caribbean look for this Knicks team event.


4. 1970s Retro Plaid


3. Halloween Spirit

Clyde and Earl “the Pearl” Monroe got together at Clyde’s restaurant last month to watch the recently discovered tape of Game 5 of the 1973 Finals. The Pearl is looking pretty sharp himself in his leather jacket. Notice Clyde’s sweet pocket chain.


2. Yellow, Purple and Orange


1. Tiger Style

Clyde pulled out the tiger print for a charity appearance during the preseason. Here he is on the red carpet with former Miami Heat great Alonzo Mourning. Yes, Clyde rocks the man purse.


Bonus Shots

Two of the coolest characters in NBA history – Bill Walton and Walt “Clyde” Frazier

Samsung Galaxy S III Launch Day

Old School Swag




The Knicks recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the 1972-73 championship team

The Knicks’ second championship team consisted of eight future Hall of Famers, including coach Red Holzman. Here are six of them. From left to right: Earl Monroe, Phil Jackson, Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley and Jerry Lucas.


Bill Russell presenting Clyde with the 1975 All-Star Game MVP trophy

Dig the chops


It was Bobblehead night at Madison Square Garden for Clyde’s birthday on March 29.


New York Knicks Legend Walt Frazier Inducted Into Gray Line Ride of Fame


Clyde looked dapper as always for the ceremony. Notice his two championship rings and the sweet “WF” belt buckle.

Wining and Dining With Clyde

You won’t read too many restaurant reviews here at Through the Clydescope, but when the blog’s namesake Walt “Clyde” Frazier opens up his own eatery/sports bar, I feel the need to weigh in. Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine, a joint collaboration between Frazier and Michael Weinstein of Ark Restaurants opened two months ago on the west side of Manhattan.

The restaurant is enormous, especially by New York City standards, taking up an entire city block (between 37th and 38th streets on Tenth Avenue). It includes a causal lounge area with a big screen TV, which is ideal for a small private party, a large bar area, tremendous dining area, with an exposed kitchen and of course, a mini basketball court where guests can shoot some hoops.

During an interview with Madison Square Garden Network Clyde said, “The essence of the restaurant is me” and he wasn’t kidding. If you enter from the uptown entrance you’ll be greeted by murals of Frazier on giant pillars. The walls on the left are covered with floor to ceiling images of Clyde from his playing days and the ceiling is adorned with several panels patterned after his eclectic suit collection.

That’s just the beginning of the homage to arguably the greatest Knick ever. The menu covers are also designed after Clyde’s flamboyant wardrobe and the drinks, referred to as Clyde’s Cocktails, are named after his favorite rhymes.

There’s Movin & Groovin, Posting & Toasting, Loosey Goosey, Winning & Grinning, Bounding & Astounding, Spinning & Winning, Swishing & Dishing, Hustling & Bustling, Stumbling & Bumbling and Dancing & Prancing. Unfortunately for Knicks fans, you won’t find a drink on the menu called Hacking & Whacking, Stylin & Profilin, Wheeling & Dealing, Swooping & Hooping, Penetrating & Devastating or Huffing & Stuffing.

The menu, developed by David Waltuck, the former owner and chef of Chanterelle in Tribeca, includes everything from pizza, burgers and sandwiches to more expensive items like seafood and steak, as well as ethnic appetizers such as steamed dumplings and knishes. Several items have a star next to them, indicating that they’re “Clyde’s Favorites.”

I’ve dined at Clyde’s on three occasions and have always been very pleased with my selection. In particular, I highly recommend the mussels appetizer, which are uniquely prepared with bread crumbs and soaked in garlic. The spaghetti with cheese-filled meatballs makes for a delicious main course and the burgers are quite tasty.

If there’s a downside to the Wine and Dine, it’s the spotty service. I visited for the first time with my wife on March 29th, proudly wearing my #10 New York Knicks jersey for the occasion. When we told our waitress that we were there to celebrate Clyde’s birthday she was a bit confused and asked if it was one of our birthday’s too.

Once we explained that it was not our birthday, we’re just big fans who wanted to celebrate Clyde’s birthday at his new restaurant she was very amused. She apologized for Clyde not being there in person, explaining that he was on the road with the Knicks (which of course we already knew) then took good care of us. She recommended the best dishes on the menu, including those superb mussels, and after dinner brought over a plate of complimentary cookies, with a candle in honor of Clyde.

I had no complaints after my second trip to the Wine and Dine, but the service was sub-par during my two subsequent visits. On both occasions, the restaurant experienced temporary problems with their televisions while I was watching a Knicks game and the amount of time I had to wait to order and receive a drink during my most recent visit, the afternoon of  the first game of the  Knicks-Heat playoff series, was simply unacceptable. Hopefully, these minor glitches are just the growing pains of a new restaurant and will get ironed out.

Clyde’s also seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. On the one hand, it has the characteristics of a classic sports bar, with about 50 flat screen televisions lined up above an extended bar area, a basketball hoop and murals of Clyde playing ball. Plus the essence of Clyde, just a few blocks from the Garden, is sure to draw plenty of sports fans.

On the other hand, the monochrome design, classy table cloths and smooth R&B music in the background, create the ambiance of an up-scale restaurant, with prices to match, which is a tough sell for a spot whose menu includes a cocktail called Stumbling and Bumbling. However, with a space that large, there’s no reason it can’t be used as a lounge, sports bar and upscale restaurant, possibly all at the same time, depending on the clientele and the occasion.

Perhaps, the best thing about the Wine and Dine is that unlike most athletes who lend their name to a restaurant, Clyde’s not an absentee owner. The Knick with the knack makes regular appearances when he’s in town, popping in after every Knicks home game to greet the guests.

All in all, Clyde’s boasts a fun atmosphere for sports fans and non-sports fans alike and offers some excellent dishes. Whether you’re looking for a good meal, a spot to host a small outing, someplace to watch a big game or just feel like doing a little swishing and dishing, head on over to Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine. You may even get to meet the legend himself.

Clyde Invigorated by Linsanity

The excitement and energy surrounding new Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has reinvigorated Knicks Hall of Famer and broadcaster Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Clyde has taken his rhymes to twitter and is making appearances on national sports programs to discuss the new phenom, who Frazier’s former teammate and captain Willis Reed said this week reminds him of a young Clyde.

Most notably, Frazier dug deep into his legendary wardrobe this to find the perfect outfits to match the pageantry known as Linsanity. He wasn’t kidding when he tweeted before the Knicks/Lakers showdown at the Garden last Friday night…

“The Knicks and Lakers are in town …my brown and white cow will astound!”

Wednesday night Clyde followed it up with a “more conservative” brown leather jacket for the Knicks matchup with the Sacramento Kings.

Pink Clyde

The Knicks didn’t look very smooth in Game 3 of their series against the Celtics Friday night, but Clyde sure did. The legendary point guard always stepped up his game in the post-season, so you had to know he was going to dig deep into his eclectic wardrobe for the first playoff game at the Garden in seven years. But nobody saw the pink flamingo coming.